Romancing the Moment - The Love Meditation

Romancing the Moment - The Love Meditation

Theta Meditation Soundtracks

This unique Theta-level soundtrack combines loved-based affirmations with beautiful, soothing meditative music, creating an uplifting experience of balance, wholeness and fulfillment. The Synchronicity® sonic technology, balances the brain hemispheres and delivers holistic awareness in accelerated time frames.

Track One includes thirty minutes of meditative music along with spoken affirmations by M. C. Cannon. On Track Two, the affirmations continue in subliminal form along with the Sourceful sound of the ocean.

These meditation music soundtracks are created using Synchronicity® Sonic Technology. They enable anyone to quickly have a meditative experience. Theta technology creates a deeper meditative state experienced as peacefulness, profound relaxation and quietness of mind.

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