7D Disc 1.5" 5-Pack

7D Disc 1.5

5-pack of 1.5" 7D discs

The strong concentrated and penetrating field of these discs is extremely effective at transmuting EMF, RF, and any other energetic pollution in your home, where you work, or anywhere else that needs a major energetic adjustment.

Anything that uses electricity or batteries or is simply used frequently and exposed to negative energy can benefit greatly from a 7D disc. Use them to clear frequently used objects that accumulate negative energy such as jewelry, bodywork tools, or crystals. The possibilities are endless.

The energy produced by these discs is often enough to completely transmute the negative energy an electronic device produces, and make that device good for you whether it is turned on or not.

The next time you put your phone against your head to make a call, you could be bringing greater balance, health, and integration to your brain, instead of feeling like you just stuck your head in a microwave!

1.5" disc Uses include:

  • On your cell phone or inside the case
  • Keep a small disc in your pocket purse, wallet... anywhere it fits.
  • Clear negative energy from small items such as jewelry by placing it on the disc for about 1 minute