Ease Into A Powerful Meditation Experience with Recognitions

Ease Into A Powerful Meditation Experience with Recognitions

Are you ready to experience the leading edge of High-Tech Meditation® experience?

Synchronicity’s® High-Tech Meditation® combines science and the ancient art of meditation. 

With it you can experience meditation at a profound level and enjoy its benefits more quickly and with greater ease than with traditional systems.

Recognitions, our most in-depth program combines High-Tech Meditation and The Holistic Lifestyle®, a dynamic combination that promotes a deeper, more powerful meditation experience every day.

Let’s take a look at how this life-changing program can benefit you.

Reclaim Your Natural State of Happiness with Recognitions

Your natural state is inner happiness and satisfaction. In this state you feel vital, healthy, and alive, less influenced by negative thoughts and emotions.

However, you won't fully enjoy this state if your physical, emotional, mental and subtle (spiritual) dimensions are out of alignment.

For example, if your physical body is out of alignment, you might experience chronic health conditions like joint pain, fatigue or difficulty maintaining a healthy weight.

Emotionally you may experience overwhelm, sadness, anger or frustration. You may choose to numb your pain with alcohol, drugs or overeating.

Mentally you may notice difficulty concentrating, or being caught up in a pattern of negative thoughts that shift your focus to a negative place perpetuating the cycle.

You may even be out of touch with what brings you real joy and fulfillment in life.

Recognitions, featuring High-Tech Meditation and The Holistic Lifestyle, is a powerful tool to help you realign yourself and enjoy your natural state on a consistent basis.

Developed by M. C. Cannon, an enlightening American mystic, The Recognitions Program will enhance your daily practice and provide life balancing techniques that accelerate your inner happiness.

What are High-Tech Meditation® and The Holistic Lifestyle?®

Your Recognitions experience starts with High-Tech Meditation and The Holistic Lifestyle. While each is impactful in its own way, together they are even more so.

High-Tech Meditation: A Profound & Deep Meditation Experience

Elderly man meditates outdoors with headset

Synchronicity’s High-Tech Meditation programs, of which Recognitions is the most powerful, use precision Sonic Technology to generate and entrain the meditative brainwave patterns of advanced meditators.

The technology also promotes balance in both hemispheres of your brain, synchronizing them so they work more effectively together.

Individuals from all over the world who meditate with High-Tech Meditation soundtracks report experiences of rapid, continuing and measurable changes in their states of consciousness.

In addition, our Zen study and 40+ years of experience demonstrate that it can help you realize meditation’s benefits nearly four times as fast as you can with more traditional systems.

With High-Tech Meditation you can more quickly:

1. Enjoy a natural high as the release of endorphins associated with meditation allows you to relax and de-stress from daily challenges.

2. Enjoy the elevated well-being associated with whole-brain functioning like improved decision making and enhanced ability to concentrate.

3. Build a bridge between the logical, analytical capabilities of your brain’s left hemisphere and the imaginative, intuitive ones of the right, expanding creativity, flow and productivity.

4. Achieve greater objectivity and perspective that can help you maintain calm in all situations.

5.Tap into deeper states of consciousness where you will enjoy inner stillness, harmony and balance in your physical, emotional and mental dimensions.

7. Reduce your unconscious reactions to people and events that trigger an emotional response; reactions that trap you in past anger or future anxiety and keep you from enjoying the present moment.

8. Expand your emotional clearing process and release energy for more enjoyable pursuits.

9. Enjoy higher levels of wellness as reduced stress levels promote healthier bodies, emotions and minds.

10. Increase self-love, acceptance, and happiness.

The Holistic Lifestyle®: A Fundamentally Positive Way to Live

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The Holistic Lifestyle® delivers inner happiness by supporting you to achieve balance in your physical, emotional and mental dimensions.

Meditation is the first step because it:

*Relaxes your body, immediately reducing stress.

*Feels good, promoting emotional balance.

*Generates more positive thoughts by supporting your brain. 

Beyond meditation are other powerful tools to enhance its impact.

Let’s start with the foundation, your physical dimension.

Physical Dimension

When your physical body is imbalanced, you may lack the energy and vitality you need to enjoy life fully.

Chronic health issues may crop up, like digestive ailments, headaches, back pain, or weight issues, which can eventually lead to more serious conditions.

physical balance by:

*Evaluating your current state of health. Consider the diet and lifestyle choices you make daily and how they may contribute to your imbalance. Then consider how willing you are to change your current habits to improve your health.

*Choosing a healthy diet plan that suits your body, recognizing that what keeps you healthy may be different from what works best for your friends or family.

*Practicing breathwork, a pathway to balance and a transformative tool that can help you create significant shifts in your well-being, physical and otherwise.

*Committing to an exercise routine that supports your unique body type.

Emotional Dimension

Signs of emotional imbalance include feeling stuck in unresolved past emotional issues or anxiety about the future rather than dwelling peacefully in the Now.

To restore emotional balance:

*Flow positive, love-based feelings to counter the negative emotions you feel.

1.Write in a daily gratitude journal.

2. Sit quietly and imagine sending love directly from your heart to your friends and family, the place where you live, your workplace, and the entire world.

3. Focus on your breathing and imagine inhaling positive emotions and exhaling the negative ones.

*Make a conscious choice to embrace the present moment.

1. Say "yes" to whatever life experiences come your way, regardless of whether you judge them to be good or bad, right or wrong.
Saying “yes” frees up energy now spent telling yourself (and maybe everyone else) that things should be other than they are.
Now you can use that burst of extra energy to help you find real solutions to whatever challenges present themselves.

2. Stay conscious of what is around you. If you are on a walk, notice the rustling of leaves in the trees, or the feel of the path beneath your feet. Breathe in and welcome the fragrances that come your way whether they come from cherry blossoms or manure. Hear the tweeting of the birds or the scampering of the squirrels.

3. If you experience negative emotions, don’t push them away. Welcome them with love, give them space, and watch them without judgment.

Pushing them away or engaging with them will only make them stronger.

Mental Dimension

Negativity in the mental dimension can be caused by the stories you tell yourself about past traumas or what might possibly happen in the future.

The alternative is to stay calm, step back and observe your thoughts without getting caught up in the stories they tell you.

To achieve mental balance, notice your thoughts. If they are negative, redirect them with positive and truthful statements (affirmations).

You can write your statements, repeat them to yourself as part of your morning or evening routing, or at any time that works: in your car, at the gym, on a walk, or waiting in line.

Alternatively, download pre-recorded truthful statements onto your phone or other device for easy listening. Synchronicity affirmation soundtracks incorporate Sonic Technology to make them even more effective.

Expert Coaching Is Here

female coach conferring with a client

When you embark on your Recognitions meditation journey, you are never alone.

Participants have in-person access to a facilitator who is a long time meditator with many years of experience living The Holistic Lifestyle.

Your facilitator will help you make the most of your High-Tech Meditation experience, answer your questions and support you in adopting The Holistic Lifestyle practices.

Throughout the eight six month phases of your Recognitions experience you will also receive monthly lessons that support your meditation practice and assist you to understand, adopt and live The Holistic Lifestyle.

Are You Ready to Enjoy Meditation’s Most Profound Benefits?

The Recognitions Program is our deepest, most in-depth meditation program. Its Sonic Technology will decelerate your brainwaves and move you gently through a state of light relaxation where you can enjoy the natural high of deep transcendental states.

The program includes eight phases over four years that gradually take you to deeper levels of meditation.

Its foundation is your daily meditation practice and uses two thirty-minute High-Tech Meditation® soundtracks. A third soundtrack is for nighttime use.


All soundtracks contain spoken, subliminal, life-positive, holistic awareness affirmations (written copy included).

Throughout the program, you'll receive monthly emails and invitations to regular Zoom calls that support your understanding and practice of meditation and The Holistic Lifestyle®.

Why not take advantage of the life-changing benefits and personal transformation available through The Recognitions Program?

Click here to purchase The Recognitions Program Phase 1, or here to learn more.