What is 7D Technology?

What is 7D Technology?

7D (7th Dimension) Technology® amplifies or creates a positive energy field in all living things and objects. Anything imprinted with 7D Technology® emits a positive energy field that powerfully transmutes negative energy into positive.

7D technology® is especially effective in transmuting and eliminating the negative effects of electromagnetic frequencies, EMF, or electro-smog—the invisible measurable electromagnetic radiation that emanates from electricity, or any electronic, wireless or battery powered device.

7D technology® transmutes the harmful negative energy from devices such as active cell phones, computers, or Wi-Fi routers into energy that is good for you.

The 7D process is permanent. Objects imprinted with this technology never need recharging and never need to be cleared of negative energy, because they clear themselves.

7D technology® is created with precision scientific energetic testing instruments, not intuition or guessing. The properties of the energy field it creates are measurable, testable, and reproducible.

The energy 7D technology® emits and amplifies what can be called vital energy. It exists in all living things (including every cell of your body), and is concentrated in your chakras. Temples, pyramids, and other energy vortexes contain concentrations of this same energy. 

7D technology® naturally elevates your body and energy field into a greater state of balance and helps you reach deeper meditative states. When you meditate, you build and amplify this energy in your own field.

7D technology® promotes healing, integration, and relaxation. It helps relieve anxiety, depression, stress, pain and inflammation. It helps boost your immune system, expands your positive energy field, helps disperse toxins and stagnant energy in the body, and wards off organisms attracted to weak energy fields.

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