What is Meditation?

What is Meditation?

What is Meditation?

First, meditation is a balancing and focusing technique. We experience life through polarities relative to us, Here/There, Good/Bad, Inner/Outer, Me/Other, and so forth. The balance between our Inner Self and the Outer World is most important for a complete or whole life experience. Unfortunately, for most, we spend the vast majority of our time focused on the outer world, like on our devices, with little time spent getting to know and understand our inner world.

When balance increases, our inner world awareness expands, and all the benefits of meditation begin to unfold.  When you meditate, it is an internal focus held consciously in duration, opposed to an external focus.

Most of us live a fast-paced modern lifestyle with a focus on the objective or out there world. The result is that we miss our inner experience happening simultaneously. Meditation, with its internal focus, emphasizes the inner, subjective polarity of experience. A consistent meditation practice, then, helps create a balance between our external and internal experience.

As you create more balance, you gain insights about yourself. The separation between yourself and the outer world diminishes, and you begin to see your connection between the inner me, and the outer them. Differences continue to reduce as you see and feel your connection to everyone and everything. Unity begins to emerge as a moment-to-moment, living experience.

With consistent balance from meditation, you become more aware and present in the moment to whatever is happening in your life. You will continue to watch the external world as you develop the capacity to remain aware of your inner world simultaneously. The illusion of separation gives way to the experience of being one with the world.

Time given to daily practice and the time it takes to get into a meditative state are crucial considerations, especially when you have to factor in our fast-paced world. What you give is what you get. The more you meditate; you will experience the transformation within and see it reflected in your outer life.

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