What Is the Purpose of Meditation

Zen garden in sand with single stone and swirls in sand

What, indeed, is the purpose of meditation?

For many of us, it may seem like an activity that is distant and out of reach. 

We may wonder, “Must I sit calmly in a lotus position with my eyes closed?” 

Or maybe you think to do it right you must be someone who doesn’t have bills to pay or a job to attend to.

Actually, none of the above is true.

Instead, meditation is a natural part of being human, something you can utilize in every aspect of your life. 

Its life-changing power comes from a combination of focus and awareness.  

And recognizing this starts you on a journey of profound growth and change.

Ready to learn more?

Let’s dig in.

The Essence of Meditation: Expansion of Consciousness

At its core, meditation is the art of focused awareness. Whenever we direct our attention and maintain focus we are meditating. 

Sitting comfortably in a chair is OK, a lotus position is not required. And your eyes can be either open or closed.

The main thing is to stay focused, focused on your breath, your task, your walk or your yoga practice.

A state of balanced focus supports the expansion of your consciousness

In this state, you can access the inspiration and intuition you need to overcome obstacles and live a life of greater fulfillment. 

Not surprisingly, this heightened awareness is the source of inspiration for writers, the exhilaration experienced by athletes and the “Eureka Moment” a scientist experiences on the road to discovery. 

In fact, many extraordinary experiences are born from sustained focus and intention, in other words, meditation.

Fortunately, all of us can enjoy the benefits of meditation, whenever we choose to embrace it.

Meditation vs Escape

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is being mindfully present in every moment. It is not about escaping reality.

Whether you are sipping a cup of tea, engaging in a conversation, or immersing yourself in creative activities, you have an opportunity for growth. 

By filling your actions, thoughts, and emotions with mindful awareness, even the most ordinary  tasks take on new meaning and purpose.

A Holistic Approach to Balance

Healthy looking couple with arms raised celebrating their welness

How do we achieve the state of balanced focus that supports mindful awareness and the expansion of consciousness?

Start at the most basic level, your physical body.  Honor yourself by keeping your body well with nutritious food and exercise.  It’s difficult to stay focused in the moment when suffering from pain or exhaustion.  

Another powerful way to promote balanced focus is to maintain positive emotions. Try keeping a gratitude journal to remind you of all that’s good in your life.

And practice saying “yes” to whatever comes your way, regardless of whether you judge it to be “bad” or “good.” 

When distractions occur (as they surely will) remind yourself to breathe.  Focusing on your breath is a powerful meditation tool.

To keep your thoughts positive, create and repeat meaningful affirmations. Or try our SyncUp soundtracks designed to promote a positive mindset in all areas of your life.

The Power of Focus and Awareness

Contemplative woman holding cup with warm coffee

Focus serves as a guiding light in our fast-paced world that is filled with distractions. 

The key is to develop your ability to concentrate on the present moment rather than languishing in the past or worrying about the future.  

When you do that, you gain clarity and depth of perception. 

As your focus sharpens, you become fully present and move beyond the limitations of your everyday experiences. 

Now you can experience a heightened state of awareness. One that enables you to perceive the connections that weave through your everyday experiences, dissolving any sense of separation you may feel. 

The Most Powerful Balancing Tool

And how do you stay balanced? 

The most  powerful tool for maintaining holistic balance is regular meditation.

Meditation relaxes your body and reduces the stress that can keep you trapped in negativity. It also helps your brain generate more positive thoughts.

And, of course, it feels good so it helps you balance your emotions. 

Self Discovery: Your Unique Meditation Journey

Meditation is not a one-size-fits-all practice. 

It is a fluid and adaptable journey. 

No matter where you are in life, meditation can help.

And there are lots of ways to incorporate it into your daily routine, depending on your preferences and circumstances. 

If you seek stillness, traditional sitting meditation may be perfect. 

For help getting started try our free 15-Minute Meditation soundtrack. Or choose from some of our carefully curated soundtracks in the Alpha  or Theta brainwave ranges. 

Our popular In Home Meditation Programs are other options.

You can also find mindfulness in movement meditation such as yoga, tai chi or a daily walk in the woods. 

Engaging in creative pursuits, like painting or writing, can also serve as forms of meditation as they demand focused attention and are a gateway to self-expression.

Find what suits you best. Then commit to pursuing it regularly.  

If you feel like you don’t have time, start small.  Even 10 minutes a day of focused attention can be life-changing.

Unlock the Power of Your Birthright

The power of meditation is something we can all access. All you have to do is unlock it.

Meditation is not an exclusive club; it is your birthright.

When you embrace it you unveil the boundless potential that resides within you.

So start integrating focused awareness into every moment and enjoy life's challenges and joys with equanimity.

You are now on a path of powerful self-discovery, wholeness, and fulfillment. 

On this transformative journey, you will discover the interconnectedness of all things and find unity within yourself and the world at large. 

Awaken to your true potential with meditation.  

The time is now.

Adapted from The Meditation Toolbox Book.